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Day 15: Bust Day

Well, we busted!  It's inevitable with every chase season that you bust at least once.  Everyone is surprised that this is the first time we've busted this trip.  It was an incredibly hard forecast today.  Even the Storm Prediction Center had trouble nailing down the spots.  It was looking initially like north-east Colorado and then nothing happened.  So we headed to the Colorado/Nebraska border... nothing happened.  So we drove to Sidney, Nebraska for dinner and are now in Ogallala, Nebraska for the night.

Tomorrow is our very last day to chase.  Looks like the risk areas are actually on our way back to Toronto.  We'll most likely be home Sunday sometime.  Hopefully we'll see some storms tomorrow for one last hurrah.

There are some severe storm risks tomorrow so we'll see how it pans out.  Here are the states I've been to on this trip:

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