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Day 9: Down Day in Texas

Well... nothing happened today. The only storms that kicked up were waaaay too far south (near Mexican border) and way too far north. The only tornado reports were from Colorado, Wyoming, Mississippi and Louisiana. The air is still just too cold. We're looking at the prospects for the rest of the week and Wednesday seems to be showing some promise.

Today we sat in a parking lot and watched movies in our van and hung around doing nothing. Finally we got our act together and decided to head back to Oklahoma. I'm currently in Lawton, Oklahoma. Tomorrow we intend on finishing our drive to Oklahoma City where we are going to look at the damage caused by the tornado outbreak from Monday. One of the tornadoes has recently been upgraded to an F4 tornado. We're going to go do some footage of the damage since it's going to most likely be a down day.

For those of you who are thinking "Geez, is every day a down day?" According to the veteran chasers around here, the fact that we actually saw a tornado in the first week of our first storm chase ever is unheard of. They're one of the most rare occurrences in nature and the fact that we saw a multi-vortex tornado that chased us down the road... that was lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it). It's very common to have down days. It can't storm every day. If it did, I'm sure the population of the Plains would be next to none. Fingers crossed we'll get some more storms this week. We did see some very nice structure yesterday. Today was more of an overcast, cool day. I was cold today, in Texas... that doesn't make sense.

New photos added to the photo album. There's also some tagged photos of me on Facebook put up by the people I'm chasing with.

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