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Day 7: Off Day and Tourist Day

Currently I am at the Days Inn in Amarillo, Texas and it's definitely true what they say: everything IS bigger in Texas. We left Elk City, Oklahoma just after lunch and got into Texas. We stopped at the giant cross (no other way to explain it). I can't even begin to explain how large this cross was. Around it was statues of the stations of the cross. We just had to stop to see this; check out my photo album (link above as usual) to see the pictures.

After that we continued onto Amarillo, Texas then when to visit the Palo Duro Canyon. It was a beautiful blue sky day and the canyon was gorgeous. The ironic part was we could see so far in the distance we could see thunderstorms (which made us cringe at the fact that we weren't chasing those ones). We drove down into the canyon and looked around and on Dave's persistence, visited a cave that resembled... well... female genitalia (look at my photo albums for pictures and you'll understand). After that we headed to the famous Big Texan for dinner. Brad was going to attempt to eat the 72 oz steak but once he saw how big it was, and all the other food he would have to eat to, he decided not too (thank goodness!). If you eat the steak and all the fixings in an hour or less, you get for free. And let me say, everything is huge in Texas. The weirdest and most disturbing thing was seeing people walking around with loaded guns on their belts.

Tomorrow is going to be an early day. We have about a 4 hour drive to our target location tomorrow so we have to get up early. I still haven't had a chance to cut and put up videos nor swap videos with the people I'm chasing with. To be honest, I probably won't get a chance until the trip is over. There's hardly any down time. If we're not chasing, we're driving. Continue to tune into The Weather Network. If storms prove to be worth it tomorrow, we'll be live streaming.

I've added new pictures from today and added to the May 11 and May 12 photo albums.

PS - Brad just said, "I just realized how far away from home we are."

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