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Storm Chase 2018


May 11 - Getting Ready to Go?

It's been a while! I need some convection...

So we're planning on heading storm chasing this year if the weather pattern decides to cooperate! Brad and I plan on heading down mid-next week with Matt who chased with us in 2015 (Storm Chase 2015), and our friend Ashley. This will be Ashley's first time storm chasing ever, in the U.S. or Canada, but we've subjected her to many years of tornado videos.

We're just in prep mode right now getting the HAM radio wired up, making sure all our gear is working, doing laundry and packing. 

We've got a unfavourable weather pattern occurring right now over the U.S. Plains. It's been difficult to a good setup in the atmosphere conducive to severe weather and tornadoes. Last week had a couple of good looking days but only the one day really performed with the large Tescott, Kansas tornado on May 1st. 

Models are a bit unclear as to whether or not we'll have a good pattern for storms at the end of next week so we'll just keep watching and see if we can pull the trigger on something!

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